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History of the Book of 1st Corinthians

This epistle of Paul was written about 55 A.D. near the end of his three year ministry in Ephesus during his third journey. Paul answers two letters sent to him after leaving the church in Corinth under the leadership of Aquila and Priscilla during his second missionary journey. These two were fellow tent makers new in the body of Christ. The problems of the Corinthians becomes apparent as you read this epistle. The history of Corinth was a very important hub in ancient Greece. Located between Italy and Asia this major trade center was bustling with ethnic diversity. Even though it was a commercial success, its immorality was unrivaled. The Aristophanes coined the term Korinthiazomai, meaning "to act like a Corinthian"-synonymous to sexual immorality. They worshiped Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty with their lewd rituals. Paul covers the question of unity in the beginning covering divisions in the church.

This is a handful of topics covered in this epistle to the Corinthians. Paul defines to this church how to live and obey Christ in their walk with Him.